Matthieu Lakes

September 16, 1978

First qualification for a trip to the Matthieu Lakes is an arrangement for a beautiful day in a month of bad weather. Nineteen hikers enjoyed the pleasant temperature, beautiful blue sky, fine mountain and lake views and the excellent trail. After lunch at the South Matthieu, a short extension of the trip took most of us south on the Pacific Crest to the next lava ridge, from which we gained a long view of the Cascade peaks north to Mt. Hood and a close view of ice-covered North Sister. Two members of the party tried for fish in the North lake on the route back, but didn’t show their catch to the leader. Hikers included Norm Benton, Emeline Dale, Bob Foster, Cindy Foran, Bill Gilson, Ted Igl, Clarence Landes, Bonnie Ledford, Betty Legris, Dorothy Leland, Joe Lowry, Shan Leonard, Elizabeth McMullen, Bill Mutush, Lois Schreiner, Ted Stern, Natan Tal, Marian Streeter, leader Helen Hughes.

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