Black Crater

August 26, 1978

Our large group of people left Eugene at 7:30 Sat. morning under clear skies. Arrived at the trailhead at 10:00 a.m. with just partly cloudy skies above us. All seemed ready for a very enjoyable hike up Black Crater. We left the trailhead at 10:30 with everyone in good spirits, and the trail in good shape underfoot. It had been raining up there for some time from the looks of the ground, but the trail was very nice. No dust, just a nice quiet trail in very good shape. Some trees down on the first part of the trail. After the first rest stop, everyone went ahead of the leader, who decided he wasn’t as fit as he should be. I hung back and went at my own slow pace for the rest of the hike up, with Clarence and Vern following me. When we arrived on top the other part of the group were already into their lunch sacks under partly overcast skies. However, the temperature was very nice with very little wind to speak of. Everyone had a very nice time chatting and enjoying the view which was available. Mt. Washington and Three Fingered Jack were the only two mountains to be seen in their entirety. All others were visible just around the base, and about half way up—cloud cover over the tops. The group left the top and started down at about 2:05 p.m. and all were back at the cars by 4:00. Everyone sat around and chatted for awhile before heading home, and all had a very good time from the comments heard passing around the group. I enjoyed this group of people very much, & would really enjoy leading another hike with as nice a group of people as this. Really a thoroughly enjoyable day. Not even any sprinkles! Along on this trip were Mary Babarik, Jean & Steve Chipman, Lori Clark, Margaret Cooney, Bob Foster, Wilbur Groner, Richard Heinzkill, Betty Legris, Clarence Landes, Vern Nelson, Jean Newhall, Karen Seidel, Lin Trombley and Christine and leader Al Gamache.

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