August 19-24, 1978

Santiam Pass to Breitenbush Lake: After an enjoyable 10½ mile Saturday hike to Wasco Lake, the name of the game was rain. The rain started as we broke camp on Sunday morning. By the time we reached Rockpile Lake it was a fog strangler. We made the 13 miles that day to Shale Lake where we spent two hours getting wet hemlock to burn well enough for our evening campfire. Our Monday trip was 10½ miles to Jeff Park with rain in the afternoon. One way to avoid crowds in Jeff Park is to go there in the rain. You can hole up in your tent for a day, watch the trails turn into muddy little creeks, and watch the lakes blow around like little oceans. The six-mile trail to Breitenbush Lake on Wednesday was like walking a creek bed most of the way. Donn Chase met us there Wednesday night with our supplies for the last four days to Clackamas Lake. It was still pouring rain Thursday morning, however, so we headed for home to get dry. Next year we will start where we departed. PCNST backpackers were Bea Fontana, Glenn Meares, Merle Traudt & leader Wes Prouty.

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