Obsidian Loop

August 12, 1978

Do not ever try to change the weather; it backfires. We tried to get rid of the heat.

The trip started with several people saying it was raining at their house. We ran into some mist on the way to the trailhead and some on the trail during the morning. Ken conducted the usual identification of scenic wonders but had to leave much of the scenery to the imagnation as it had all gone on vacation behind clouds. Many backpackers were coming out as we went in, all reporting nice weather for up to a week previously. We did fine until after lunch. About 12:30 the weather decided it had been kind enough and turned to RAIN. Here we were at Obsidian camp, about as far from Frog Camp as we could get. So we all put on rain gear (one person didn’t have any, but someone else had a big piece of plastic that, with a slit in it, made a fine emergency poncho) and headed home. As we were half way around the loop we continued on the Skyline Trail to Sunshine, where we met a very wet wilderness ranger (with dog carrying packs and wearing a red dog-poncho) who checked out our permit then hurried off to get dry clothes. He said he had checked 75 people already and had more to go. Then we went down Glacier Way to find nore people turning around, after having come in for a weekend, to go back out. By the time we got down to Frog Camp, cars were leaving every few minutes. We were also wet by then. We arrived home to find it had not rained at our house. (Correction: whenever trail is mentioned above, substitute river.) Sopping wet hikers were Clara Emlen, Roger Hine, Ken Hixson, Karen Houglum, Betty Legris, Mike Lindley, Vern Nelson, and leaders Robin & Ken Lodewick.

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