Cayuse Crater

August 6, 1978

Thanks to Bob Moffitt for transportation from Todd Lake to Ditch Line (Cabin area) and back to camp. Also, thanks to Ewart Baldwin for his comments on the Geology of the Cayuse area. We hope to have more on this item when the Baldwins get back to Eugene.

A party of 16 people left Ditch Cabin area about 11:00 a.m. and hiked along the Ditch Line Trail (about ore mile) to where this trail intersects Crater Creek flowing from Crook Glacier, and at this point the “Ditch” diverts the flow to a ditch system feeding the Deschutes River. Near this point the party took a crosscountry, route (up) to intersect the Cayuse Crater ridge at about 8,000 feet elevation. At this viewpoint we loafed, had lunch, and picked Ewart’s brain as to some of the features of the Cayuse Crater area. There will be more another time. Then down to water—some springs in a bend toward us along the Ditch Line Trail, a beautiful and welcome site. From here on the trek was on this trail back to the cars near Ditch Cabin location—no cabin—but thankful that the cars were there. Then back to Summer Camp by about 5:00 p.m. Those enjoying this hike were Ewart & Margaret Baldwin, Helen Hughes, Liz & Ted Igl, Catherine Jones, Art Johnson, Marianne & Warren Kadas, Bob & Dick Moffitt, Eunice Mickey, Carolyn Orum, Pat Pattison, Margaret Wiese & leader Clarence Landes.

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