Rigdon Lakes

July 29, 1978

The Rigdon Lakes trip departed the parking lot on Saturday, 29 July at 8 a.m., thirteen strong. We reached the North Campground parking lot, Waldo Lake, about 10:30 and struck out eastward on the north shore of Waldo on the Salmon Creek trail to the gauging station on the Middle Fork of the Willamette. The weather was bright and warm, the rhododendrons past their prime; by compensation, the mosquitoes, though they still collected customs as we passed their boundaries, were less insistent than usual. At the Willamette, several dangled their feet in the refreshing water, and one of our number, with piercing shrieks, pounced upon her floating wallet and retrieved it somewhat short of Junction City. We then struck north on the Olallie trail to Lake Kiwa—as bent as its Chinook jargon name implies—and in on the Rigdon Lakes trail to the lower (northern) lake, where we lunched. Thereafter some swam, others fished—without disturbing the fish, which lay in the deep holes toward the center of the lake, picking their teeth indolently—while still others husbanded their energy, like good Oregonians. At 2:30 p.m., we broke camp, moving via the lakes trail to the upper lake and to the Salmon Creek trail, pausing along the trail, as we had done periodically, to close ranks. We were back at the parking lot by about 4:15, and there We disbanded, since some wished to swim in Waldo and others had tighter schedules for the return. A good party, varied yet considerate. Special acknowledgment to Paula Vehrs, who consented to bring up the rear, not the best position on a dusty trail. Members of the party were Mary Babarik, Beulah Barker, Barbara Combs, Pat Diller, Gladys Grancorvitz, Cheryl Kennedy, Betty Legris, Violet McClung, Joyce Phillips, Becky Randall, Paula Vehrs & Holly & Ted Stern, leader.

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