Olallie Meadows & Lookout

July 22, 1978

This hike into Olallie Guard Station was an addition to the regular Trip Schedule, added on so that a day hike would be an opportunity to see Helen Smith at work and pack in some food for her. This particular Saturday was a memorably hot day, but a good crowd turned out. Four carloads of hikers were at the trailhead just about 11:00 a.m.

Thanks to our extended spring rains the flowers were especially plentiful. Good amounts of bear grass in bloom, scarlet gilia, columbine, larkspur, both Columbia and Washington lilies to mention a few.

Our lunchtime at the Guard Station was very pleasant. We all enjoyed seeing Helen and admiring her temporary abode. There was some “work talk” about the needed repair where the porch roof was knocked off this winter by a falling tree. By about 2:00 p.m. most of the party decided to go up Olallie Mountain. This excursion was slow and hot, but the air was fine for viewing many mountains, near and far. The spring in the meadow was not obvious this year because the grasses and flowers are so dense. A number of people were thirsty, but only a few, making a leisurely descent, did find the spring which is a pool under a tree, not far off the trail. The eighteen people who went to Olallie were Mary Babarik, Phil Dommes, Catherine Epstean, Gladys Grancorvitz, Elaine & Roger Hine, Jane Hackett, Clarence Landes, Dorothy Medill, Helen Miller, Beth Rucci, Arthur Sievert, Ted Stern, Paula Vehrs, Ethel & Robin Steussy, Pat Widney & leader Emmy Dale.

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