Devil’s Garden

July 15, 1978

Left the 19th and Patterson lot at 8:00. Arrived at Beamer Ranch Rd., 14 miles east of Oakridge, travelled 4.8 miles on spur road to trailhead. The weather was beautiful. We followed the trail through acres of rhododendrons and old growth forest with Shady Creek with us all the way to Janet Lake. We reached the meadow at 12:00 noon. We startled some elk as there were many indications of their presence in the meadow. We ate our lunch on rocks at the edge of Janet Lake. Ted Stern tried fishing the lake, but no luck. We presumed there were no fish in the lake. Some hikers sunned on the rocks, others hiked around the lake. Rhododendrons and bear grass were still in bloom. We all came to the conclusion that this was indeed a beautiful spot. It was a comparatively easy climb up to the 5200 ft, elevation of the lake, the trail was well marked and in good condition. The clouds started coming in, so we left for the hike back to cars at 2:00 p.m. The clouds really started closing in as we got lower and the temperature dropped considerably. After some of us admired the waterfall by the railroad tunnel, we took off in the cars and had pouring rain all the way home. A very enjoyable trip with the most enjoyable people who were Evelyn Abraham, Mary Babarik, Bruce Beckett, Mary Bridgeman, Gladys Grancorvitz, Mary Ellen Heath, Elaine & Roger Hine, Sandi & Stacy Mickelson, Parker Riddle, Ethel & Robin Steussy, Andy Thompson, Merle Traudt, Paula Vehrs, rear guard Ted Stern, and Tiffany, assistant leader Genee, and leader Barbara Hasek.

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