Bohemia Mountain

July 4, 1978

We left under clouds which convinced several people to cancel out. Though we had a little rain before we got to Cottage Grove, and the road was very wet for the last mile, we had dry weather for the whole trip. However, the brush along the trail, over the trail and elsewhere was wet on our hike up. This bothered no one as the flowers were just right. Clouds did cut down on the scenery, not clearing till after noon. The rock garden on top was at its prime with things like two penstemons, onions, sedum, buckwheat, plus many others in full bloom. Broomrape, which is an invisible parasite on sedum 50 weeks of the year, then puts up lavender flowers through its host, made quite a show; we had never seen it there before.

We returned to the Park for lunch where we were joined by Harold Barton (father of Frances) whose knowledge of the mining activity in the Bohemia area is not exceeded anywhere. His background of mining engineering, geology and ownerships helped a lot on the second part of the trip down over Musick mine, and in finding good samples of interesting minerals. Enjoying the fog and sunshine were Frances Barton, Jeff, Larry & Zotty Cash, Heide Didwiszus, Bob Holmquist, Christy Cash Jenkins, Joe & Scott Lowry, Vern Nelson, Lois Schreiner, June Stuart and leaders Robin and Ken Lodewick.

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