Mt. June

May 6, 1978

This was a good trip. The weather was pleasant and the atmosphere clear enough for good views of the surrounding country and pretty decent pictures of the Cascade snow peaks. It was a little disappointing from the fact we were a couple of weeks early to see most of the spring flowers in bloom. We did see trilliums, a few calypso orchids, flowering currant and a few dogwood.

It was so warm and pleasant on top—and no wind. Many took advantage of this for a catnap. Only distraction was a small private plane that circled overhead (almost too low for comfort), dipped its wings, and headed for the Cascades. Hikers were Emmy Dale, Donna Ferchland, Barbara Durchanek, Clarence Landes, Betty Legris, Linda Lumden, Helen Miller, Anne Montgomery, Helen Smith, Ralph Nafziger, Larry Pagter, Ethelyn Rhodes, Gwen Ross, Andy Thompson, and leader Elizabeth McMullin.

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