Beach West of Honeyman State Park

March 5, 1978

Guess what? I got my party lost! Might as well admit it at the outset. But I was only one ridge off—too far south. Anyway, for future trips, remember: there may be plenty of water along the way in spring (there was none last September). We crossed several large pools on planks (wear rubber boots!). Head for the southern tip of a coastal forest between the sand dunes and the beach; follow a jeep trail around the woods horse-shoe fashion. Sand buttes with clumps of trees on top are not reliable orientation marks: there are several of them which all look alike when returning! Have compass and topographic map with you, use it when rounding the southern tip of the coastal woods (a large green area on the map). I didn’t, using a visual bearing instead.

We spent two extra hours climbing a number of ridges south of Cleawox until herded home to Honeyman Trailer Park area by a nice man strolling through the dunes with his son and poodle. Thanks, nice man!

Your red-in-the-face-(and not from the sun only)-leader Hank Plant was accompanied by Pete Cecil, Gladys Grancorvitz, Barbara Holisky, Axel Kalb, Clarence Landes, Elizabeth McMullen, John Meyer, Helen Miller, Vern Nelson, Marcus Ringen, Ben Ross, Bill Seavey and Helen Smith.

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