Siltcoos Outlet to South Jetty Road

February 19, 1978

Originally the trip was scheduled for Feb. 12, but was postponed because that day turned out cold and dismal; what we wanted was a beautiful day at the beach. We left one car at the first parking lot on the South Jetty road and drove to the Siltcoos Campground beach access, where we began a leisurely walk north along the beach. After some time a place was found where the party could clamber up the steep foredune for picture-taking and viewing. Coming together we decided it was a good time and place for lunch. Nearly through lunch it was discovered that one person was missing. Missing at lunch! Unbelievable! Well, perhaps she was napping nearby.

Thorough scouting of the hummocks of the dune failed to locate the missing one, but one sharp-eyed person noted fresh tracks made by small lug-soled boots leading north along the shoulder of the foredune. Following them, after a time we made contact with a young boy riding a “3-wheeler” up and down the beach. He informed us that he had found the missing person, the woman wearing knickers, on up the beach. And sure enough, we found her a little later waiting for us. And what did she say? “What took you so long?”

It was a warm, sunny, beautiful day, shirt-sleeve weather, worth postponing the trip for a week.

Emeline Dale graciously posted and took down the sign-up sheet twice and brought the group to Florence. Strolling the beach were Emmy Dale, Barbara Durchanek, Gladys Grancorvitz, Helen Hughes, Helen Lynch, Clarence Landes, Ethelyn Rhoades, Lois Schreiner, Valerie Siekert, Helen Smith, Paula Vehrs, and leader Margaret Markley.

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