Old Baldy—Coburg Caves

January 21, 1978

A group of twelve hikers showed up for the Old Baldy-Coburg Caves trip in spite of the dark clouds and light drizzle. Although the cloud cover stayed with us for most of the trip, we had very little rain. After climbing on the caves for a half an hour, we struck off for Old Baldy and lunch. On top we chatted a while with a fair sized porcupine. A cold wind forced us back into the tree line. We made nice time heading back to the cars. Ben Ross showed us some nice climbing routes on the “Whale”; he claims that some people can do it with no hands, which would take some sense of balance. Those enjoying the muddy but beautiful back roads in the Coburg Hills were: Emmy & Laura Dale, Bernie David, Shari Pereza, Gary Hallemeier, Iva Ridgley, Ben Ross, Bob Walden, Mary Widoff, Carmen Yokum, and John and Peter Cecil, leader.

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