Carpenter Mountain

October 14, 1978

Carpenter Mountain Trail has an easy gentle grade that climbs for a mile through old growth Doug-fir, a clear cut and a long meadow that looks out onto the old Cascades. From the lookout, manned only during lightning storms, there is a view of Wolf Rock, the Coast Range, the old Cascades and from Mt. Hood south to Diamond Peak. The purpose of the trip was to help finish up the restoration of the lookout house. I'd like to thank those who participated by puttying and painting—it all helps. The leader spent a couple of weeks during the past summer trying to put it back into shape. It looks much better; let’s hope that the public treats it kindly. The weather was perfect. The view was unmatched except for the fires in Blue River and Oakridge Districts. Hopefully we can finish off the restoration by next year. Thanx again to a good group and a job well done. Puttiers and painters were Doris Allen, Mary Babarik, Mary Bridgeman, John and leader Pete Cecil.

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