Joel McClure—Russia

April 15, 1978

April 15 provided a delightful vicarious adventure for about 80 fortunate Obsidians and friends when fellow Obsidian Joel McClure took them along on his trips to Russia. The slides spanned a five-month trip in 1974-75 when Joel was an exchange scientist, and another last summer when he went over to conclude the project begun earlier with Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute. Geographically the slides spanned Leningrad, Moscow, Kharkov, & a holiday on the shores of lake Baikal, the world’s deepest fresh water lake, during a 14-day trip by Trans-Siberian Railway and by boat to Yokohama. On the first trip, while Joel worked on the science project, wife Jacquie worked with the English speaking theater, and son Eddie shared his guitar with his peers. It was a memorable holiday for us involving no jet lag and little luggage beyond that stowed away at the preceding and always delicious potluck. Sorry you missed it!

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