South Sister via Green Lakes

August 10-11, 1978

On Thursday night we camped at Green Lakes and those who kept their eyes open for awhile were treated with a remarkable meteor shower from the Heavens above. I estimated seeing about one “shooting star” a minute for a fifteen minute period. The high cirrus cloud formations on Thursday indicated we may have weather problems on “top” Friday. Well, we did! When we got to the Red Ridge, winds were blowing steady at 30–40 MPH, and plenty cold. Four climbers made the summit, signed the Mazama Register and hurried back down. The Lake was open and as beautiful as ever (deep blue-greens). As leader, I wish everyone in, the party could have “summited” but I felt at the time that discretion was by far the better part of valor due to the chill factor that would be confronted on the summit crater. The scree was as miserable as ever two to three hundred feet from the top. The usual three steps forward and two back. Oh, yes, we had quite a few blisters along. This must be the year of “The Blisters.” I was the last one out and glad to be back to camp Riddle at Todd Lake at 7:15 p.m., thanks to Dick Moffitt meeting us at the Fall Creek trailhead with his van. Summit climbers were Kevin and leader Parker Riddle, John Moffitt, and support climbers were Scott Bonner, Mary Bascom, Carol Bourgerie, Helen Hughes, Art Johnson, Carolyn Kadas and Arran Riddle.

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