Broken Top

August 7, 1978

Monday morning seven of us left Todd Lake (during Summer Camp) for the drive to Ditch Creek. Started hiking Ditch Creek trail almost to Green Lakes, then turned up the last ridge to Broken Top. It was very warm in the trees—almost sultry—and even hot out in the open rock fields. Patches of snow looked great and snowball fights broke out amongst the climbers. Finally, a cool breeze from the north when we reached the west ridge. At the base of the pinnacle, we four followed the dog tracks in the snow around to the northeast and then went straight up. Dog wisely turned back. At the ridge we looked straight down, turned right and reached the summit from the east side—just like I had always done it. Saw Frank Moore coming up the west side with Lois. On top it was warm and sunny. Could see for miles. Leisurely lunch, then discussion. The vote was 6-0 that the west side was easier. That did it! So after 45 minutes on the summit, we started down the west side of the pinnacle. Then down the west face scree slope—whee-e! Warm drag back to cars and camp—late. Lucky, the cook and committee had saved some supper for us and thus a perfect day. First time climbers on any mountain were Liz Igl and Marianne Kadas. Good place to learn to rappel. Motivation! The Broken Top climbing and snowball throwing group consisted of Ewart Baldwin, Marianne Kadas, Lois Schreiner, Liz Igl, Ted Igl (didn’t go to summit), and leaders Frank Moore & Dick Moffitt.

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