Broken Top

August 6, 1978

We had a good early start from Summer Camp, but headed out the wrong spur road for Ditch Cabin, adding almost a mile on each end of the trip. “No sweat” says Paul. “Ya” says Hubertus. “Ugh” says Marriner.

This was a first on Broken Top for all including, the long-legged leader who had lots of go power from his track & crosscountry training. He seemed to have little patience for the rear guard who was so slow. Never-the-less, we bounded up the mountain at a good clip, passing two other parties. Since one of the parties was in the rock scramble near the top, Paul found an alternate route to the left and within minutes we were on top. We slid down the mountain on a different route and were back in camp in plenty of time for a swim in the lake and a scrumptious dinner. Climbers were leader Paul Orum, Hubertus Lieberth from Bamberg, Germany, & rear guard Marriner Orum.

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