South Sister via Devil’s Lake

August 5-6, 1978

Henrietta Richmond scheduled this climb, and we wished she could have led us. Lacking her leadership, Merle Traudt volunteered to show us the way to camp Saturday, and Wes Prouty took us to the summit on Sunday.

The mountain was cooler than the city, although for packing in and out, temperatures were warmer than optimum. Part of the group beat the heat on Saturday by coming in late. Emily Thompson and Rick Rushtin followed the map & Merle’s directions, into camp, arriving before dark. Wes Prouty, Emmy Dale, Liz Glover and Glenn Meares came up by flashlight, having enjoyed a late dinner in Camp Riddle at Todd Lake before driving to Devil’s Lake and hiking in to join us.

The weather stayed clear and warm, with opportunities for star gazing, photography, and views of a large portion of Oregon. Becky brought a fishing pole, but the “big one” got away.

For several climbers, this was their first mountain climb; for others, a first climb of South Sister. Climbers were Becky Beaman, Dan Chamness, Emmy Dale, Liz Glover, Jane Hackett, Dorothy Hayes, Bev, Lloyd & Mike Lindley, Glenn Meares, Wes Prouty, Rick Rushtin, Velma Shirk, Emilie Thompson, Merle Traudt and Nancy White.

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