Three Fingered Jack

July 8-9, 1978

Eight climbers left Eugene at 12:30 Sat. in two cars. Stopped at McKenzie Bridge for junk food and at Sahalie Falls to enjoy that ever spectacular bit of nature. Hiked from Santiam Highway to overnight camp at Booth Lake in approximately one hour 20 minutes on good trail. A very pleasant spot with lots of fish, frogs and mosquitoes. Headed for the mountain at 6:00 a.m. with perfect weather and views unlimited. Departed from the regular ridge trail in several places to avoid drifted snow. Everyone did a superb job on the crawl even though it was their first crossing and one climber was wearing an arm cast from fingertips to elbow! 12 o’clock summit, and terrific view but before we could all get off the summit the winds came from nowhere bringing almost a whiteout. Very poor visibility on the descent until the lower part of ridge. The braver souls had a quick swim at Booth Lake before hiking out to the highway and heading, for Eugene at 7:00 p.m. This friendly, helpful, happy alphabetically ordered group contained Dave DuBois, Bob Freyman, Jan Middleswart, Velma Shirk, Robert Smythe, Tammy & leader Gene Thaxton, plus Larry Tucker.

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