St. Helen’s

July 8-9, 1978

We arrived upper parking lot about 5:00 Saturday evening. Car camped and planned to leave at 3:00 a.m. but due to not getting up until 2:30, left at 3:30. We went up the trail to just under the Dog’s Head and turned West across Forsythe Glacier. There is lots of snow and most of the area is still fairly solid and with few crevasses. We traversed up and across onto the Lizard Glacier. From here it was up to the summit by 9:30. The wind blew very hard all the way. The top was too cold and windy for much lunch or visiting with other groups arriving on the summit. I was surprised that most of the parties were small like ours with two or three climbers. We descended the Dog’s Head route to get in on “the best glissade of my life.” In fact we were back in the parking lot by 12:30. We changed clothes and headed home. A good climb with a very nice couple of young men. With leader Rex Stevens were Rob Scherer and Sam Miller.

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