Mt. Thielsen

June 11, 1978

This climb was to be combined with Mt. McLaughlin on June 10th, however, since it had rained most of the night and was snowing at departure time that mountain is postponed until some time in July.

We arrived at Diamond Lake in midafternoon with occasional rain and cloudy skies. There was no change in the weather conditions when we turned in for the night. Next morning, however, dawned cloudless and frosty. The sun and hike through the timber warmed things soon and the previous day’s weather was forgotten, but fresh snow from the storm on the older frozen base slowed the party from timberline to the saddle. The party of ten Chemeketans ahead helped by making steps and did not slow us greatly since we ate lunch at the saddle while they were on top. After picking our way down the snow slope we arrived at the cars around 6:00 p.m.

Iain and Gloria are from Tasmania and this was their first climb in the U.S. They proved to be experienced in all types of outdoor activities and were enjoyed by the entire group. Mark, age ten and Christine, age eight did an exceptional job. Besides Iain & Gloria Barnes there were Al, Theresa, Mark and Christine Gamache, Lee & Wayne Hatch, Mike Northrop, and leader Frank Moore.

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