Box Canyon-South Fork McKenzie

June 17, 1978

“How peaceful!” “This is beautiful, such lovely flowers.” “We should get off the main roads more often.” Such statements were frequently heard June 17 on the Box canyon trip.

Up the Willamette to Hills Creek Reservoir, back to Westfir and the Box Canyon Road, along the north fork of Roaring River, the south fork of the McKenzie, Cougar Reservoir, Blue River Reservoir, and home down the McKenzie is a beautiful drive anytime, and in the spring when so much is new, fresh, and in bloom it’s extra special. Water was usually nearby in river, reservoir, tumbling stream, or waterfall. Because this was a shorter drive than normal, there was time for hiking for those who chose to do so.

A little over a mile on the Skookum Road to Box Canyon guard station and an hour on the beautiful French Creek trail were the longer ones. Lunch was at Frissell Crossing on the bank of the south fork of the McKenzie. We were back at South Eugene High by 5:30 p.m. with all 28 trippers: Muriel Aufderheide, Beulah Barker, Margaret Barnard, Clay & Louise Barnes, Margaret Block, Ella Carrick, Hazel Comarda, Angie Cooms, Kay Cooper, Jane Hilt, Virginia Horton, Jessie Jackson, Vera Liddel, Karen Loretz, Violet McClung, Elwina Meacham, Frances Newsom, Grace Smith, Myrtle Smith, Betty Stamm, Helen Stovall, Mary-Douglas Stovall, Betty Waddell, Thelma Watson, Virginia West, and leaders Irene Flynn & Ruth Nichols.

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