Green Lakes Snow Trip

December 21-23, 1977

On December 21–23 Steve Johnson, Glenn Miller, and Keith Blunck went on a ski trip to Green Lakes. We left town half an hour late Wednesday morning, because someone was so excited about going that he forgot his skis.

We skied out through Dutchman Flat toward Ditch cabin and Ball Butte. We set up camp in the dark a short distance north of Ditch Cabin. With the wind blowing, the noise of the snow-moving equipment from Bachelor ski area, and the lumps of snow to sleep on, I didn’t sleep too well.

The weather was overcast in the morning, but it cleared around noon & was pretty nice the rest of the day. We made camp above the lakes where we found clear running water, which was so much better than melted snow.

It was so serene up there with no wind and the sun shining off the snow-covered peaks. It was just as you would dream it to be. But the morning was back to reality with the wind blowing and snow falling & everything outside of 100 yards a white haze. Out in the open areas our tracks were covered, but in the trees you could still follow them.

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