Around Hayrick Butte

April 16, 1977

On this last scheduled ski touring trip of the season, going around Hayrick Butte, an energetic group of fourteen skiers and one snowshoer (Joe Lowry) practically raced around the Butte, stopping at Big Lake for lunch and out to the cars at 1:30. Then we had a nice leisurely coffee snack at the HooDoo ski bowl restaurant. The snow was crusty and not very good for skiing but a 30 inch depth covered the stumps and rocks so we had no problems there. The weather was brisk and cloudy with bursts of sunshine. Washington was kissed by a cloud and “Jack” was in hiding. I hope I’ll be able to lead this trip every year, I really enjoy it that much. Thus our winter program comes to a close with no personal injuries reported and a whole lot of winter fun and enjoyment. In the corn snow were Carol Bourgerie, Emmy Dale, Al, Theresa, Mark and Christine Gamache, Joe Lowry, Herbert McMurtry, Glenn Meares, Jan Middleswart, Charlene Simpson, Michell Van Dyke, Dan Weinstein, Jan White and leader Parker Riddle.

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