Odell Lake Resort

April 9, 1977

Started promptly. Original plan to shuttle cars and drivers from Odell to Crescent Lake was discarded since it appeared there would not be enough snow on the trail from Fawn to Crescent, so a round trip from Odell to Fawn and back was substituted. Merle Traudt announced before the trip he intended to go only part way since he had a cold. He fell behind the main party immediately and was later met back at the lodge.

All others went in to Fawn Lake, doing some hiking at first since snow was icy and scarce: Snow improved though shortly and little difficulty was encountered. The leader elected to remain in the rear and main body of about six people arrived at Fawn about same time with four others in our guard and setting own pace arriving some time earlier.

The Lake was sufficiently frozen to allow for skiing on its surface and several members did this during lunch break. Arrived about 12:30 (the rear guard) and left about 1:15. Easy trip out, though some minor spills due to icy conditions at beginning. Sun came out (had been mostly cloudy, some light, brief snow) and last 2½ miles were in mild weather with softer snow. Most of party elected to take a somewhat longer return route, using one of the clearly marked trails near lodge, while a few returned by more direct route by which we came.

All seemed pleased by trip and stopped in lodge afterwards for refreshments. Skiers were Bev Fowler, Dot Leland, Glenn Meares, Don Marsten, Parker Riddle, Wes Prouty, Dave Sherman, Velma Shirk, Merle Traudt, Marie-Anne Thompson and leader Andy Thompson.

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