Booth Lake

April 2, 1977

This annual Phyllis Ford April snowshoe trip was to be led by Clarence Landes because Phyllis had a conflict of dates. Because Clarence also came up with a conflict I offered to Sub as leader.

It is always fun to try to find Booth Lake in the snow. It had snowed three inches the day before the trip so we made our own trail from Square Lake to Booth Lake. Fortunately, the blazes on the trees were barely visible above the snow, so we were able to follow the trail exactly from the meadow to the lake. (I won’t mention that I goofed a little from Square Lake to the meadow.) Weather was excellent and Three Fingered Jack peaked out from behind a cloud occasionally.

The trip on the way out was a little sad from Square Lake to the highway as we passed a large group of boys with adult leaders from the Oregon School for Deaf trudging in on soft snow with boots only and poorly arranged packs, tents, etc. Some food and litter was being strewn along the trail so we picked up the litter.

Other than that a good time was had by all: Mary Bridgeman, Wilbur Groner, Dave and Glenn Meares, Helen Smith, Ted Stern and leader Wes Prouty.

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