Mt. Washington Loop

March 26-27, 1977

This trip, originally scheduled to ski from HooDoo to White Branch, was modified to be a circle tour of Ht. Washington because of lack of snow on the lava fields. As luck would have it, I picked the stormiest weekend of the winter. As we left HooDoo we could see an ominous cloud around Mt. Washington. The going was good so we were soon up into that cloud which also harbored a lot of wind. The trail became obscure in some meadows a mile or so past Cold Water Springs. With the poor visibility and wind we retreated to the shelter of a grove of trees at the lower end of the meadow and set up camp. We then proceeded to enjoy the best down hill skiing of the season on the open slopes of the meadows.

That night the wind continued and the snows came, dumping almost a foot of snow on us by morning. Enough was enough!! So we headed back down the trail. It is important to know when to turn back on winter trips. Bud Proctor and son, Douglas Proctor joined Marriner Orum on this interesting tour.

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