Odell Butte

March 19-20, 1977

Our arrival at the trail head to Odell Butte (elev. 7,033') was greeted by cloudy weather. Our group of four found the snow conditions excellent and the skiing a pleasure. With full packs we ski toured 5½ miles up the Butte and made camp. Since it was just late afternoon we decided to ski to the top. The visibility was poor but the return trip down made it all worthwhile.

Night fall arrived and we all attempted to sleep. Sometime around 11:00 p.m. we were awakened by the demonic revving of snowmobile engines. Having assured us that no place is safe from mechanistic society they left amidst a roar and the putrid stench of exhaust. Somehow we managed to fall asleep again.

The morning was truly the first day of spring. The sky was clear and the surrounding country beautiful. We returned to the top of the Butte once more and were treated to views of Diamond, Washington and Jeff.

The return tour was an excellent six mile downhill runout. All members of our group agreed that the weekend had been fun and that ski touring is fun when there’s snow. LOGIC! Enjoying the weekend were Bert Ewing, Rachel Major, Jack Nitzel and leader Sam Miller.

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