Ski Tour to Midnight Lake

March 19, 1977

The trip was put over from March 12 to March 19 due to weather conditions. We started out from the Gold Lake-Pengra Pass turn-out on Highway 58 proceeding on Pengra Pass Road for about a mile and a half. It was snowing lightly but snow temperature varied considerably from place to place requiring re-waxing for the “waxer,” and some downhill paraffin even for the “non-waxers.” At the Odell Lake trail junction we left the beaten path and zigzagged uphill to the ridge where we met the Pacific Crest Trail, and we reached Midnight Lake after another two miles. After lunch at the lake the snow was cooler and trip down hill faster. Skiers were Madeleine and leader Win Liepe, Herbert McMurtry and Andy and Marie-Anne Thompson.

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