Fairview Mtn.

February 19, 1977

Fairview Mountain via Champion Creek was to be a ski hike. In a normal winter it would have been—and a tough one. Fairview is a fairly high mountain close to Eugene. All six of us crowded into Greg Wannier’s car and drove east from Cottage Grove up the Row River, Brice and Champion Creeks to about the 4000' elevation at Champion mines where we were stopped by glare ice on the road.

The Champion Creek route is not the best way to get to Fairview but is the most scenic. Dorothy Hayes, Joella Hadland and Gladys Grancorvitz were so impressed with the beauty of Champion and Brice Creeks that they decided to walk down the road to fully enjoy the innumerable little water falls, crystal pools and emerald canyons of these two streams. Greg Wannier, Jack Nitzel and Marriner Orum made the leisurely three miles on up to the top of the mountain to enjoy the most fabulous weather and views from the top. It was most disturbing to see the mountains so bare of snow and creeks so dry at this time of year.

The three up trodding men found the three down trodding women at Cedar Creek Camp about nine miles down the road where we all enjoyed a hot cup of tea. Recommended for the end of a hike: A pinch of tea leaves (not instant tea), a good squirt of lemon juice and a big “gob” of brown sugar. Pour in boiling water and don’t open ’till you get back to the car. Marriner was the leader.

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