Rosary Lakes

January 15, 1977

Upon arriving at the top of the pass our hopes went up. There was fresh (three days old) snow on the ground. We skied below the ski area in this neat white stuff that had been absent for so long. Allright! Good weather, good group, and snow! However, some members’ enthusiasm soon waned. As we entered the trees, Ugh! Ice, crust, branches, and rocks. The warm weather after the storm had melted the snow off the trees creating this mess. The group pushed on; not to be dismayed by the quality (or lack) of the snow. The snow did improve as we gained elevation or got out of the trees. We arrived at the lower lake sometime around 11:30. After lunch (interrupted numerous times by globs of snow falling out of the trees onto your sandwich) we skied to the upper lakes. Looking across the middle lake at Rosary Rock was truly beautiful as its black and white peak contrasted sharply against the clear blue sky. After some downhill racing (it was timed) through the trees we packed up and skied out to the cars. Very fine trip. P.S. Merle did not ski in, he walked because the snow was not deep enough to warrant the use of his snowshoes. Participants were Mark Blain, Greg Ellsworth, Rick Goldstein, Steve Johnson, Bev Juilfs, Dorothy Leland, Glenn Miller, Frank Moore, Lenny Niems, Gary Pietka, Merle Traudt, Pat and Randy Zustiak (leader).

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