Eel Creek Dunes

November 12, 1977

The same song and the thirteenth verse. (NOTE: First trip Jan. 24, 1965; then each year since then) Those enjoying this thirteenth trip were Judy Carmichael, Barbara Combs, Gerry Costello, Emeline Dale, Barbara Durchanek, Loene Ellickson, Brenda Fossey, Gladys Grancorvitz, Elaine and Wilbur Groner, Karen Houglum, Helen Lynch, Dorothy Leland, Liontos Demetri, Anise Mahaffy, Glenn Meares, Vern Nelson, Parker, Kevin and Arran Riddle, Charlene Simpson, Elsie Spinning, Ted Stern, Merle Traudt, Phylis Trowbridge, Dorothy Turner, Gregory Wannier, Pat Widney and leader Clarence Landes.

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