Square Lake

October 16, 1977

The best of October weather favored the dozen people who tried the new route into Square Lake. Leaving the Pacific Crest Trailhead opposite HooDoo about 10:15, we hiked the short two and a half miles to Square Lake well before lunch time. We paused at the lake, then headed up to the meadow immediately above. From there half of the group made an excursion to Booth Lake guided by Parker Riddle. The remaining six chose to linger along the shore of Square Lake and fondly wile the time away. Brian Bartel caught two fish. The birds and chipmunks made an appearance.

Shortly past one the entire group started to hike out. Back at the cars, there were numerous deer hunters as well as some other hikers. However, on our hike we heard no shots and met no hunters while on the trail.

Savoring the brilliant red and yellow colors along the road, we arrived home in Eugene easily before 5;00 p.m. The party included Brian Bartel, Judy Carmichael, Dot Leland, Phyllis Lewis, Tillie Merritt, Bob Mann, Edith Pearson, Parker Riddle, Ruth Romoser, Lori and Mike Wright, and leader Emeline Dale

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