Maxwell Butte (Trail #3391)

October 15, 1977

A beautiful day and a very interested group; plus being patient with the leader. No drinking water on the trail and the route is about ¾ of the way through woods—some thick and some sparse. Two lakes, but are in a swampy area. Elevation gain 2430'. Only one place where there was an elevation loss of about 50 feet and we soon made that back to the consistent grade up.

The view was from Mt. Hood (dim) to Broken Top (medium clear). No sign of life at the Osprey nest. Maxwell hikers were Steve Acker, Bill Bruckner, Zotty & Larry Cash, Wilbur Groner, Dina Harmon, Dorothy Hayes, Christy Jenkins, Bonnie Ledford, Helen Lynch, Vern Nelson, Tom Nugent, Glenn & David Meares, Ted Stern, Pat Pattison, Betzy Priddle, Dorothy Turner, Lois Schreiner, Karen Seidel, Megan Schrag, Merle Traudt, Margaret Wiese and leader Clarence Landes.

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