June Lake

October 2, 1977

What a pleasure to be accompanied by a superbly inquisitive group—inquisitive of nature and the wilderness in particular, and inquisitive of life in general.

As we passed Butcherknife Creek, the subtle shades of green from the firs, cedars, oaks, poplars, pines, and the moss and ferns became quite obvious, then the suddenly loud colors of red, orange and yellow of the vine maples greeted us in the glittering sunshine which burned away the heavy, gray fog near Pioneer Gulch. Crystals of frost didn’t deter us a bit as we wound up the trail, trying to identify each bit of fungus and mushroom.

After exploring the lake area, the sound of an elk bugling told us it was time to retrace our steps and make plans for another delightful outing. Participating were Pat Abbott, Marie Bloom, Barb Hall, Elizabeth McMullen, Mary Ann McNicholas, Tilly Merritt, Merle Traudt and leader Bob Cox.

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