Mt. Yoran

September 17, 1977

Sixteen hikers (two no-shows) gathered on time and arrived at the trailhead near Hemlock Butte at 10:30 a.m. The hike was made at a deliberate, moderate pace putting us at Notch Lake at 11:00 and Divide lakes at 1:30. Weather changes highlighted the trip: fog, rain, scant sleet, some blue sky. Diamond Peak’s fresh mantle of snow and fog-shrouded top appeared like a Japanese painting to the south.

After a damp snack at Divide Lake #1, 14 hikers scrambled up craggy Mt. Yoran (7138') for a very short view at the top. Gusts of cold ridgewind atop the slate dike sent everyone back to the warming fire Clarence Landes had skillfully managed with one match, pitch and wet wood. After a 30-minute rest, lunch, good talk and hot tea, the group headed down the trail finally getting a misty glimpse of Diamond’s Peak during a brief clearing on this fine, equinoctial autumn day.

Hikers included: Nancy Clark, Emmy Dale, Donna Ferchland, Bob Foster, Mary Muleaire, Clarence Landes, Bonnie Ledford, Vern Nelson, Henrietta Richmond, Helen Smith, Merle Traudt, Paul Travis, Dorothy Turner, Paula Vehrs, Greg Wannier and leader Charlotte Mills.

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