Obsidian Loop

August 29, 1977

This trip was supposed to be headed “FWOC-Obsidian Loop”. The FWOC people backed out due to weather. However, we had two takers (three really) so we varied our schedule slightly and took them.

We started from Frog Camp in a mist, almost a light shower, which we lost as we approached the lava. Sun came out and stayed with us until noon, when the clouds moved back in and it cooled down. Rain caught us about 2 miles out this time, a light sprinkle that made only two people put on raincoats.

Due to the small size of the group, we saw many birds (Juncos, goldfinches, and the family of gray jays who sat on our hands to get their pictures taken), animals (two deer, numerous chipmunks and at least one gold mantle ground squirrel). Other hikers were missing during the first part of the day, though we passed many going in as we came out. Wilderness Ranger Jim Blanchard says that only about one quarter of the anticipated people were there during the week-end.

Dr. Helene Garstmann of Australia joined us and enjoyed the hike. This makes her third qualifying, but she leaves Friday for Australia. Others on the trip were Andy and Marie-Ann Thompson, Robin & Kenneth Lodewick, leaders.

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