Little Belknap Crater

August 28, 1977

We arrived at trailhead located close to the summit of the McKenzie Pass at 10:30 a.m. The weather turned sour on us so Riddle, Foster, Lowry and Herrick bundled up in rain gear and headed for the summit of Little Belknap Crater. Lois continued on to Sisters with the remainder of the group. Thank you, Lois, for assisting. The four hikers in our ascent confronted low, drifting, gray clouds, limited visibility (300') and a steady drizzling rain driven by high winds. We were on top by noon and nearly blown off on arrival. Because of the cold wind and rain we decided not to linger, so, after a quick look in the volcanic crater located near the summit, we descended to a more sheltered area at a lower elevation for a brief lunch break. We were down to the cars at 1:30 and on our way home. This was a very interesting day for the hiking group and enjoyable in spite of the poor weather, because we were all dressed well for the rain and wind, and managed to stay warm. Now I’ll turn the report over to Lois to hear about the ventures of the second car which had earlier headed for Sisters.

Ewing, Hadland, Merritt and Schreiner drove through drizzle and wind to the other side of the Cascades emerging in warm sunshine at Sisters. We stopped to admire the llamas, then went into all the interesting little stores in town and to the galleries. The Art Gallery just off the main street is a must for future visits. Even spent some money there. Since we all had our sack lunches we went to the park on the east end of town to enjoy the shade, the picnic atmosphere and more conversation. After lunch we toyed with the idea of going to Three Creeks Lake, but the weather looked uninviting up there, so we went to the Metolius instead. Also visited Camp Sherman where we fed and watched the huge trout, then drove to the Jack Lake Road and back to Highway 20. A short distance west of Camp Sherman the rains came again, and we had several heavy showers before reaching Eugene at 5:30.

The rain and wind bravers were Joe Lowry, Bob Foster, Kim Herrick and leader Parker Riddle; the shoppers were Jack Ewing, Joella Hadland, Tilly Merritt and Lois Schreiner.

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