McKenzie River Trail

August 27, 1977

Bob Sincavage and myself met at 8:00 a.m. at 19th and Patterson. We proceeded to the trailhead just east of McKenzie Bridge, where we met Bill & Lois Morse, who had come down from Big Lake. The day was overcast and mild. We commenced hiking at 9:45 along the nearly level trail. Sections of the trail near its west end are quite open and exposed to the hot sun, but this day were very pleasant. The trail never strays very far from the highway, yet at times it seems as though one is miles away. This is especially the case as you pass Paradise Forest Camp and descend a steep slope down to the river, and from there until you suddenly break out at Belknap Springs. About noon we reached Lost Creek and sat down to a very pleasant lunch in the deep woods beside this beautiful stream. After lunch we ascended a long ridge between the McKenzie and Lost Creek. The views from this portion of the trail down into the river are well worth the trip. We broke out into civilization at Belknap Springs and then continued on along the highway until we reached Scott Creek. From this point we retraced our steps back to Lost Creek and then upstream along Lost Creek to the highway, where we had left one car. Completing the trip were Bill and Lois Morse, Bob Sincavage and leader Doug Appel. Congratulations are in order for the Morses, as this was their third qualifying trip.

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