Moon Point

August 21, 1977

This was an extremely nice, short hike into a new area for the Obsidians and an abandoned forest service road takes you through approximately 1½ miles of meadow to the back of this 5200-ft. high, massive rock with a view of the entire Rigdon, Staley Creek upper Willamette area. The trip was very enjoyable and the weather was beautiful; we held lunch on top. Afterwards, the group drove to Logger Butte along the Warner Mountain Ridge Road, then back down under Moon Point. The rock is particularly impressive from the lower road and should probably be the starting point of the drive.

Led by Donn Chase, the following people made the trip: Emmy Dale, Bob Foster, Joe Lowry, Herbert McCornack, Wes Prouty, Rick & Sandi Sanders, Clarence & Dorothy Scherer, Helen Smith, Andy & Marie-Anne Thompson, Paula Vehrs, and Mike Wright.

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