Kidney Lake

August 20-21, 1977

Nine enthusiastic people left their cars at the end of Foley Ridge Road on a beautiful Saturday morning to hike in to Buck Meadows and on over to Kidney Lake. The trail was very dusty and it got quite warm before we reached our destination. We ate our lunch at Buck Meadows and rested a little while. It’s good that we did because our leader took us from there on a wild goose trip, we thought. Don knew where he was going but we didn’t. We did find Kidney Lake and it didn’t take long to set up our camps so that we could go, swimming. Some finished the day hiking and exploring, and some of us rested. In the night the deer came so close we thought they were going to join us in our tents! We woke to a beautiful morning and after breakfast our leader and those who had lots of energy took a short walk. Two of our group had to leave and three of us stayed at camp and enjoyed the nice warm water of the lake. After lunch we started back on a much better trail than our leader had lead us in on. It was just right for walking and we were out in no time. We had a good group of people and a lot of good laughs. —Barbara J. Payne

Those on the overnight were Pat Diller, Carol Bourgerie, Lee and Wayne Hatch, Kari Kvarster, Lois Schreiner, Ann Raftree and Barbara and Don Payne, leader.

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