Obsidian Loop

August 13, 1977

After a week of 105° days, we were not sure how this trip would come out. However, we started up the trail in the cool of the morning, though sunny, with hopes that the weatherman was right and that it would be cooler. The trail was in good shape, with new stop logs and other drainage features and the surroundings not looking as dry as we had expected. White Branch Creek, however was not there. The trail up Obsidian Cliffs has been extensively maintained and is now wider and somewhat smoother. The meadows were green and we saw late-blooming plants in areas where we had not seen them before. Lake-fed Obsidian Creek had lots of water, but less than normal. The falls were nice. The view from the penthouse showed less snowfields than normal. As we watched, clouds began to form over the Middle Sister. By the time we got to Sisters Springs the clouds were grey and by the time we arrived at Camp Scott there was thunder. The sun stayed with us until the lava, then it too was covered by clouds. The thunder continued all the rest of the way to Frog Camp and about a half mile out we got a light rain, which lasted almost to Blue River. This made the trip very pleasant for Pat Diller, Vi Johnson, Vern Nelson, Jeanette Overholser, Valerie Parker and leaders Ken and Robin Lodewick.

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