Iron Mountain

July 30, 1977

Our cheerful group left Eugene about 8:40 a.m. on this hot, smoggy Saturday morning. There were still many kinds of wildflowers on the walk up to the lookout in spite of the very dry soil conditions on the mountain. The view from the top was crystal clear in all directions (Mt. Adams to Diamond to Spencer Butte). The latter was discernable through the thick layer of valley smoke and smog. We enjoyed visiting during lunch with the lookout, who is a young woman.

The group consisted of Maureen Barstow, Holly Chism, Glenda Gray, Laurie Gribskov, Al and Wanda Hurtt, Nancy Hughes, Joan Kier, Diane, Scott and leader Joe Lowry, Maxine, Laura and Valerie McWorter, Elizabeth McMullen, Diane Marshall, Dallne Moore, Larry Pagter, Shari Pereza, Peter Pomeroy, Jean Stevens, Dina Wills, and David and Robin Yamashita.

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