Rigdon Lakes

July 16, 1977

A compatible group of thirteen debussed at the North Waldo Campground at about 10:00 a.m. and proceeded along the north shore of Waldo Lake to the gaging station. Wild strawberries, queenscup, bunchberries, and rhododendrons were in bloom; the sun was bright and occasional breezes refreshing. About us flew protective squadrons of mosquitoes, taking their own tribute, but defending us against the giant roc, not one of which dared to put in an appearance. From the gaging station we made our way north along the trail to the Erma Bells, turning off at Lake Kiwa. Enroute, we found the trail blocked by a spikehorn mule deer in velvet, who studied us for some time before deciding that we were not to be trusted—obviously fast buck types—and made off. One party passed on directly to Lower Rigdon Lake while another party followed the shore of Kiwa for a bit, then came back and ate lunch at a scenic spot before joining the others. There, two of our party tried the fishing, using flies—appropriately mosquitoes—Dave LaBar landing a decent eight inch rainbow, while another member lost an enormous fish of the same length. Bob Walden came upon the mother lode of camp trash, which we took turns packing out. Our route led us by the new path southward past Upper Rigdon to intersect the shore trail. From that point it was a short trek back to the cars, which we reached shortly before 4:00 p.m. Those making the trip were Heide Didwiszus, Barbara Durchanek, Helen Gerstmann, Dave LaBar, Clarence Landes, Joe Lowey, John MacDonald, Vern Nelson, Betsy Priddle, Bob Walden, Mike and Lori Wright and leader Ted Stern.

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