Macduff Peak

July 16, 1977

Our second attempt to reach Macduff Peak this year, but from the east, was again unsuccessful. Although on the trail all the time the poor maintenance on the Olallie Trail and no maintenance on the O’Leary Trail forced us to turn back because of running out of time. The trail goes up and down, drops into saddles from which we have to climb out, crosses three meadows, and has some good view points. An elusive peak, but a challenging hike.

John Macduff, son of Nelson Macduff for whom the peak is named, left his parents’ ashes scattered in the area as per his mother’s wishes. John’s limited time in Oregon prevented another try for the summit.

Trail finders were John Macduff, son Robert, Yugoslavian friend Miro Gregoric, Emmy Dale, Dot Leland, Parker Riddle, Gladys Grancorvitz and co-leaders Helen Smith and Lois Schreiner.

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