Saddle Mountain

July 9, 1977

Four hardy souls left Eugene at 7:30 July 9th headed for Saddle Mountain, with cloudy skies and a sour weather forecast. Arrived at Saddle Mountain State Park and trailhead about 10:30 to find the park full of other people with the same destination in mind.

The full length of the four miles to the top was through an ever-changing flower garden. Each elevation gain of a few hundred feet seemed to bring additional species and more brilliant colors.

We stopped short of the summit for our lunch break, hoping some of the people on the top would leave, and also hoping the wind or the sun would clear the fog that shrouded the top of the mountain. We waited some time on the summit completely socked in and finally had to leave without a glimpse of the beautiful view we knew was underneath us.

Everyone agreed the display of flowers and unusual rock formations we had seen made the trip a memorable one, even without the view. The four were Gladys Grancorvitz, Clarence Landes, Charlene Simpson, and leader Elizabeth McMullin.

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