McKenzie Pass area

July 4, 1977

A large group assembled at South Eugene parking, in spite of the weather and after due course set out for the McKenzie pass area picking up one person enroute. It was not the best day for hiking, there was some sunshine, it rained lightly a couple of times and it snowed lightly once. We went in to Hand Lake to find it almost dry, a very little water in it so we went over to Scott Lake, had lunch and then went out by the road to the cars. Later we went out to Campers Lake, it had more water in it. Everyone seemed to enjoy the trip, some went up to the Dee Wright viewpoint, some went in to Proxy Palls on their way down the mountain. Everyone seemed happy in spite of the weather. Hikers were Hazen & Lorene Bressler, Dorothy Hayes, Clarence and Helen Landes, Joe Lowry, Rachel Major, Marian Mathews, Elizabeth McMullin, Wendy and Sara Michener, Helen Miller, Maggie Ng, Dale Olson, Lois Schreiner, Clarence and Dorothy Scherer, Karen Seidel, Tess Smith, Dina Wills and Merle Traudt (leader).

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