Iron Mountain

June 26, 1977

Twenty Four hikers and a beautiful day made for a nice trip on Iron Mountain. Though the flowers were not out in the usual numbers, most of the species normally seen were found. No surprises to the leaders but much talk about the variety and beauty of the flowers was made by the others. We had the assistance of Ken Hixson with plant identification. The lookout is not yet occupied, seems like the year old building needs extensive repairs.

We do have complaints. There is what appears to be “landscape management” going on along the highway at the start of the trail. We feel nature can landscape manage better than man. It might be the result of the Bureau of Public Roads “scorched earth” policy that says that any tree within its own height of the center of the highway is automatically a danger tree and should be removed. This policy accounts for the wide open spaces along the McKenzie Highway above Blue River.

Participants on this trip were: Gene and Katie Barnes, Bill Bruckner, Nancy Cantik, Nancy Cooper, Heide Didwiszus, Judy Dittmer, Donna Ferchland, Eddie Fine, Mitch, Jeanette and Tom Daletas, Charlene Gates, Kenneth Hixson, Suzi Jones, Tom & Tiffany Mills, Ewa Morris, Charlene Simpson, Andy Thompson, Charles and Karen Wright, and leaders Kenneth and Robin Lodewick.

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