Grizzly Peak—Mt. Jeff Wilderness

June 19, 1977

A highly spirited group of 16 hikers climbed 2,699 feet to the summit of Grizzly Peak located in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness area. On the way we had rest stops at Pamelia Lake, at the lovely, bubbling waterfall half way up and then almost to the top when Mt. Jefferson comes into full view in true magnificence. Surprisingly, there were no mosquitos but we did come upon a happy toad, drifts of snow on the trail, Ralph Nafziger and a group of Chemeketans going to Hunts Cove for the day, spectacular vistas, and a few blisters to remind us of where we’d been when we got home. A very enjoyable day. We were out to the cars by 4:00 & on our way home in heavy traffic. Hikers were Bea Fontana, Wilbur Groner, Joella Hadland, Joe Lowry, Glenn, Cindy, Dave and Ann Meares, Alice Moffitt, Tom Nugent, Beth Spalding, Merle Traudt, Dorothy Turner, Mike and Cindy Wright. and leader Parker Riddle.

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